Monday, February 6, 2012

Good cook?

Lately, I've been making a lot of these:
(smoothies are my life)

And I even made some of these:

(muffins, not cupcakes, I wish they were cupcakes!)

The more I cook and try new recipes, the more I realize this: I'm not really that good of a cook. I'm not just being modest here. With the exception of bread, which I even mess up from time to time, most everything I cook is just ok. Some people have the gift, sadly, I do not. I have come to accept that cooking is just not my thing, which is unfortunate, seeing as how I have to do it every.single.night. 

As discouraging as this revelation is, since realizing this, I have also come to these 2 conclusions:

1) I don't have to be a perfect cook to cook good meals for my family. 

2) I...will...not...give...up. 

Sure, I could just give up trying all together and go back to boxed hamburger helper and frozen chicken nuggets every night, or I could choose to stay frustrated about it forever.

But I am determined. I have resolved to keep trying. I want to be a good cook and still have a strong desire to continue to cook healthy/yummy meals for my family. I guess it will have to come with practice? After all, I've only really been cooking for (almost) 6 years. Here's hoping, anyway.

And I will commit to learning more about the art of cooking itself, what spices/seasons go well together, what the best ways are to cook certain meats, and whatever else I can learn. I really, really want to be good at this, y'all! 

I will say that I'm so grateful for my husband who will eat just about anything I cook. He's a naturally picky eater, so the fact that he eats (or at least tries) everything I cook makes this gal feel like a million bucks. Thanks, babe. You're a gem. 

As I type this, my son is standing beside me with his football in his hand and his helmet on, so I must go where I'm called. Football time! 
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  1. For birthday or Christmas ask for a subscription to Cook's Country magazine. I've subscribed to a lot of different cooking mags throughout the years, and it's one of my very favs b/c there's an article with most of the recipes that tells you WHY you add a certain ingredient, or HOW a certain way of preparing the food affects the taste, etc. Kind of teaches you to cook, and gives you great recipes at the same time. This same company also produces Cook's Illustrated (a little too fancy for me) as well as a weekly TV show on Saturdays on PBS called America's Test Kitchen (corny hosts, but excellent show).


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