Monday, February 20, 2012

Birthday things!

There were 2 birthday boys in the house this past weekend, so we decided to celebrate with a little partying. Actually, Jude's birthday is tomorrow and Ezra's was last week. I hope I can get away with combining parties for a really long time. One party is so much easier to plan than two. Don't you think?

Usually I get a little teary-eyed when we sing happy birthday to the boys. I know that's silly, but every year when we sing, I am reminded of how quickly time flies, and am saddened to know that in no time, they will be off driving, going to college and moving out. Right now they still want me to read to them before bed and rock them when they're sad. Even though this stage is extremely hard, with battling wills and disobedience, I like this age. I like it a lot. Can they stay small for a little longer, please?

We had some sweet friends and family come out to help us celebrate our little boys turning 4 and 2, they were great. I wanted to give a special shout-out to my sister, mom, step dad and mother-in-law for being so helpful in helping me plan, get food together, set up and clean up for the party. I have some really terrific people in my life. They enabled me to do this party on a super-inexpensive budget. The other way I did the food for this party inexpensively? I made this appetizer (actually, they were pizza crescent rolls) and this one. Both were breads, but done differently, and I loved trying out different types of bread! So, yay for good and inexpensive food!

Happy birthday to my 2 sweet boys! 

My kiddos got some really great toys, and they love them all, but these are the few that are their favorites:

They are completely infatuated with these. They've been having a good time pushing them up and down the door. Yes, I said door. They climb things that are metal (which is kind of weird, we must have metal doors?) They are kind of neat, I have to admit.
And this batcave imaginext toy is a favorite of theirs. The imaginext toys are really awesome. 
And I can't wait to open this for E:

And we played with their new play-doh toy this morning. They loved it! It's a fun time, getting new toys. For us parents, too! :) 

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1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday to two sweet little boys. Love the family pic! :)


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