Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10 things to do with your boys

I read an article that someone wrote about things to teach your boys. It got me thinking. Since I am still learning what it means to raise little boys who will one day be men, I was inspired to write my own post of things I currently love doing with my boys. Things I know they love and think will have a lasting impression on them.

1. Read to them.
They love to hear your voice. Heck, try doing different voices. They will love that even more!

2. Encourage them
Boys need encouragement. Well, all kids do. But in having boys, I've noticed that they really crave my approval. The way Jude's face lights up when I've praised him on something is the best. We will always be their #1 cheerleader, and they will probably always want us to be.

3. Play superheros with them, build forts with them, play in the dirt with them
These are all things girls don't normally like doing, but my boys love it...and sometimes we just need to get out of our own worlds for a little bit and go into theirs.

4. Hug them
Little boys need hugs from their mamas. Sometimes if we're on the road to Memphis, or anywhere where we're in the car for a long period of time and the boys are crying, I'll reach back and just hold their hands...they instantly calm down.

5. Explore with them
Whether it be outside, or trying to figure out some kind of toy or game, the need for adventure is ingrained in our little men. You won't always be invited on their adventures, so take advantage of it while you have the chance.

6. Jump around with them (yes, even on...gasp...furniture)
Most people have a "no jump on the furniture" rule, but in our house, we really don't mind it. Sometimes we have to throw out the stuffy rules and just have fun. It works for us!

7. Cook with them
They love it and their wives will thank you someday! Yes, it is messy, and yes, it will take much longer than doing it by yourself, and sometimes you may end up with food all over you and the floor. Clean up is not that hard, and the memories you make will be worth it.

8. Wrestle
My boys love to dogpile on Mommy. Most of the time I get hurt because someone jumps on my head or something, but I will never regret these moments. They always involve laughing and I'm glad for the times where we are laughing so hard we can't breathe.

9. Look at them when you talk to them
This is very important to Jude, and also important to me. He always says, "Mom, look at me!" when he wants my attention. You really know that someone's listening if they're looking at you.

10. Chase them
My kids beg for this...when Mom is feeling up to it, I comply. Nothing gets squeals quite like running in circles, trying not to get captured.

My advice is this: Even if you don't do any of these specific things with your kids, pay attention to what your kids love and do those things with them. It doesn't matter if its fishing, or playing ball, or doing a science experiment. Every kid's interest's are different, and they will love that you take an interest in what they love. For every time you sacrifice your time, or sacrifice doing something you love, you build them up. They may even take those sweet and fun memories with them into adulthood.
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