Friday, December 23, 2011

DtD Challenge #9 - LAUNDRY ROOM

I have to start out by saying this. One of the top 5 selling points that led us to deciding to buy our house was this: our laundry room. I know that sounds silly, right? But, when we opened the door, we were amazed. It was gigantic, it was glorious, there were 2 decent sized closets for storage space, and it was a room all on its own (a lot of older houses like ours don't have separated laundry spaces, unless they were added on later). We loved it. I'm not sure why it was so exciting to us, but I'm pretty sure we were ready to sign right there. 

Fast forward to today, 5 years later. I still love the room, very much so. But, the cats have kind of taken over it as their space, it holds lots all of our junk, and nothing is organized in there, so everything is pretty much just strewn about. As a result of these things, I hate going in there. In fact, I try to avoid it at all costs. Except on laundry day, of course. :) So, it should not surprise you to know that I did not clean it this week. Not even a little. Yes, I did get all Jude's summer clothes put up (I'm only a few months late, right?) and not just thrown in the laundry room (which is what I normally would have done), but I did not clean, nor straighten, nor organize any part of it. This time of year is just so crazy, there's always a million things to be done, things that do not include the laundry room. And Ross is off work, which makes it harder...if he's on break then I should be too, right? 

Not exactly. So, I think there needs to be a change of mindset here, on my part. If I stop dreading the laundry room and go back to remembering why I loved it in the first place, then maybe this will help me to do what needs to be done in there. And my mother-in-law told me something this past weekend that has been playing in my head over and over, even regarding the darn laundry room. She said, praise is always the answer. 

This may seem silly, but if I praise God for my laundry room, and be thankful for it, then maybe I won't hate it so much, and just maybe it will actually get clean. Maybe it will go from a duty to a delight. That is my hope and prayer for this next week.

And I know what some of you might say, what is the big deal??? Its just a laundry room! And you may be right. It is just a laundry room and it doesn't determine who I am, or whether I am a good housekeeper or not. Those of you who know me know that I don't take life too seriously and don't let every little thing get to me. But even though it may not seem like a big deal, it is to me. The fact that I dread it, procrastinate, and let it steal my joy is a problem for me. So, here's to change! I like change when its good...even if the process is usually hard.

Even though I didn't get my laundry room cleaned, I did, in fact, get my ornament done. Yippeeee!! Would you like to see it? 
I know, it's nothing special, but at least I will remember what we looked like in December of 2011. Yeah!

I thought I'd include some photos of our fun cooking baking event this morning. 
 Jude and I had fun doing this together. E joined us at the end. 

 Yum! They were delish! (don't mind my messy oven, eek! A future DtD Challenge perhaps?)

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