Monday, October 10, 2011

Outside water play

Today I thought we would do some outside water play, because its been awhile and because I thought it would be fun while also teaching scientific concepts by seeing which objects float or sink. But first, we went outside and did some free play. I chased the boys around, which they loved. When Jude said he was "all done," he really wanted to try to throw this big stick over the fence. I said, "go for it!" I think it's awesome when he thinks of things or challenges he wants to do on his own. I try to encourage that as much as possible.
He never did throw that stick over the fence. It was just too big. So he gave up on the stick and found a rock, which I thought was a smart choice, at least he didn't give up altogether. He did get the rock over and we ended that game on a positive note. 
 Ezra found a stick that looked like a Moses staff. I thought that was funny and awesome. :)

Then we moved onto our water play. I just grabbed different objects from around the house and measuring cups and spoons for Ezra to play in the water with. Jude thought it was really fun to put the different objects in. I would ask him before, do you think it will sink or float? But he was throwing things in too fast for me to ask. So, I started asking after.

Did the stick float or sink? Did the ball float or sink? He loved it. He didn't quite get the float/sink concepts, but that's the point of the exercise. To introduce him to those concepts. 
They both played for about 10-15 minutes. Then Jude started throwing the water out and making mud. What is it with boys and mud? We talked about how mud is made, and I love being able to have a teaching moment in the midst of free play. 
It was fun, and he really enjoyed it, but I think he tired of it quickly because there were too many rules. He couldn't splash in the water, he couldn't throw it everywhere, etc. And Ezra kept drinking it, which was gross. So, we put the water up and played ball for awhile. I keep reading how important it is to have plenty of attention and play-time with Mom, but also time to play alone as well. 

I had hoped the water time had kept his attention longer, but I am finding that my hopes for a project are never completely fulfilled in reality. So, I'm learning to be grateful for what I get, 10-15 minutes of focused play is great for a 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 year old! And I love watching these little boys learn in their own way.

My next project is getting our calendar together to start learning the months, days and weeks of the month/year. I am doing this today and hope to start tomorrow! Woot! 
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