Sunday, October 30, 2011

Christmas morning

Today's worship gathering was awesome today. When I leave a great service like today, it honestly feels like Christmas morning to me. It's sort of like opening a present. There's mystery, excitement, joy. And I feel like I have received a great gift every time I learn something new and wonderful about our great God.  

It astounds me every time. 

Speaking of Christmas morning, I was looking at Pinterest (of course), and came across a site that lists little gifts ideas for people, and I thought it might be helpful to share some of my own ideas, and maybe a few borrowed ones as well. Most of the time we have a hard time buying for other people, or we just don't have that kind of money to dish out for every single family member. So we end up doing nothing, or way too much. There are ways to make people feel loved on Christmas, and not have to spend a lot of money. Here are a few things you can do to put together sweet care packages for your family members and friends:
(you know I love bullet points)
  • knit each family a dishrag with their last name initial on it (I tried this one year and it was time consuming. It is a sweet, neat idea, and people usually love them, but unless you are a quick knitter, and I am not, or you have a lot of time, you might only want to do a few of these)
  • bake yummy homemade treats for everyone (cookies, loaves of bread, muffins, whatever. People love to eat Christmas goodies!)
  • buy and decorate dollar store frames; put a family picture in it for them, or just give it to them empty
  • $5 giftcards (Starbucks, Amazon, Tropical Smoothie, etc)
  • A favorite magazine
  • packets of flower or herb seeds for planting (not my idea, but I love it!)
  • nail polishes
  • lip glosses
  • wine stopper
  • measuring spoons or cups
  • cooking extracts (love this idea too!)
  • nice cooking spoons
  • ticket to see a movie
  • specialty coffee
  • family Christmas ornament (or you could make one if you're crafty)
  • helpful kitchen gadgets (Bed. Bath and Beyond has TONS of awesome stuff to make life in the kitchen more easy and fun)
  • homemade hot chocolate mix recipe in jars (like THIS ONE, although I've never used it, that's just an example)
I'm sure there are tons more out there. But don't think you've got to spend a ton of money on everyone this year. Get a few small things and make them personal. Make the effort to show your loved ones how much they are loved.
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