Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Daily delights

I tried a new chicken spaghetti recipe last night. I borrowed some of PW's recipe, and made the rest up on my own. I was so pumped about it since I love chicken spaghetti, and I love everything that I put in it. 

(the lighting in my kitchen is terrible)
Well.......it was a big fat flop. The dish was way too spicy, even for me...and spicy stuff makes this lady HAPPY. The kids barely ate any, and I think my nose started running at some point. Lesson learned: Don't put a can of rotel, green peppers, onions, AND paprika in this recipe. Cooking 101, anyone? I'll probably leave out the rotel next time. And since there was a lot of leftovers, and guess who will have to eat them all? 

Does anyone have any good chicken spaghetti recipes out there that don't call for Velveeta? Velveeta grosses me out big time.

Every day when we go outside to play, it never fails; the thing my boys choose to do is either a) dig in the dirt, or b) dig for bugs. It must be a boy thing. They're both all boy, that's for sure! I don't mind it, in fact, I encourage it. Most of the time. Some times I just don't feel like cleaning off a boy who's been rolling in the dirt. But it's just so funny that's what they choose to do every time. 

While we were outside, I was able to catch some sibling snuggling on camera. How grateful I am that these boys have each other! I hope and pray that they will grow up to be best friends, like my sister and I. Siblings will fight and make-up, can see you at your worst and your best and still love you through it. 

A quote I found on pinterest says it this way:
I couldn't agree more. I love being a part of something very wonderful. But its not perfect. The love we receive from our family is not even close to perfect, even if they try very hard to love the best they can. And while family loves you more than you deserve (most of the time), our Father God loves us even more and loves us perfectly. I can't even  begin to fully comprehend that! I see and feel it every day. This makes me very grateful for my earthly family, the one I was born into and the one I've made, but mostly for my perfect God who is abounding in lovingkindness. Being a part of God's family IS something wonderful...isn't that good news?

I think I will end today's post with the cutest baby-face ever. His Nanny calls him a "movie star!" 

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1 comment:

  1. It wasn't a flop! It tasted really good! It was just a tad spicaaay


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