Friday, October 14, 2011

Duties to Delights Challenge #1 (post edit, added picture)

For my very first DtD Challenge, I wanted to post something I've recently tried and was super excited about. I recently found the crunchiness that is the Crunchy Betty website,  and while I haven't gone 100% natural (heck, not even 50% natural), I think there is some merit to reducing the use of chemicals in your life, if you can save money in the process.

So, I started washing my face with food.

Yes, you heard me right. Food. As weird as it sounds, its really, really good for your face. It just depends on what type of food. Let me tell you how to do it.

Grab some ground beef, mix it with water into a paste, rub it all over your face and leave it to dry.

Just kidding. Don't ever do that. Unless you like the smell of meat, and like to be dry heaving while washing your face.

On the real, I've been using CB's No-Nonsense Daily Scrub for any skin type in the morning and doing a honey wash at night. (I took the Crunchy Betty Honey Challenge!) Let me say this. I love the daily scrub. Like love, love. It has seriously changed my life. If you ever want your face feeling ridiculously smooth and healthy, then you should do it too. I didn't have any almonds on hand, so I had to buy some, but all it contains is almond meal, oatmeal and water (or witch hazel for oily skin, milk for dry skin, oils for other types of skin). I cover my face and neck with that almond-oatmealy paste and let it dry. When I wash it off, my skin feels so healthy, silky smooth, and not soooo dry that its going to crack into a billion pieces. I don't even have to put moisturizer on afterward. And the ingredients are things that you probably already have in your, its a really frugal (and healthy, non-toxic, chemical-free) way to take care of your skin. That's my other favorite part.

I do like the honey wash also (especially the honey wash to take make-up off), but I love the daily scrub better. And using apple cider vinegar as a toner doesn't smell too good, but it works better than any toner I've ever used from a cosmetic store.

I am still having some breakouts, but I think its because my skin is extremely oily. I have oily, acne-prone skin. I've struggled since I was a kid. I think I'm going to try to get some witch hazel and see if that helps with my breakouts. Other than that, I am sold on this skin care regimen. And who has the money to spend on a bunch of face products that aren't good for your face anyway? So, I wash my face with this in the morning and let it dry. Then I rinse it off. Very simple. ....Except your 3 year old might laugh at you. Or call you oatmeal face. Or try to put his breakfast on his own face. Just a warning! :)

You should try it too!

Next week: A friend of mine gave me a small portion of her stash of Castile Soap, and I'm only just now hearing/learning about this soapy goodness. I'm thinking about either using it to wash my hair or make my own laundry detergent. What do you think? Either way, my goal for this next week is to use Castile soap in some way, form or fashion. Come back to see what happens!

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