Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Post Halloween tiredness

I had a hard time getting up this morning. I think it must have been all the candy we ate last night. Sugar hangover, anyone? Well, that, and the fact that Ross and I stayed up way too late watching our new favorite show, The Walking Dead. But man, do I love the candy. Turns out, so do my kiddos. They went to bed with their tummies full and their faces smeared with chocolate. (not really, I did actually wash their faces and hands) We had a great time with great friends, and there's tons of leftover candy to last us all quite awhile. Hopefully my waist line won't change too much...although I'm thinking it probably will. 

Jude enjoyed being a pirate. Here he's making a pirate face...

Ross and our little blonde headed mini-pirate

Jude and his little friend Peter Pan, aka baby Warren

We had a slow start to the day today, but I have done some laundry, the boys and I cleaned their rooms, we eventually read our Bible story, read a couple of library books and Jude colored and painted Ross a cute picture. I need to be more motivated to get some school stuff together so we can do some actual learning this week. Maybe tomorrow?
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