Sunday, November 6, 2011

DtD Challenge #4 - Spending habits!

Isn't this centerpiece idea gorgeous? I love fall colors and I love this centerpiece. BHG has some great ideas...(I just wanted something pretty in this post)

Wow, this weekend has been busy. I was retreating with some awesome ladies from my church, and I was one of the speakers on top of that, so I was extra busy. Not to brag that I am awesome because I was busy, but those things made it hard to write this weekend...and my boys were having mama withdrawals, so they got most of my attention. So did the hubs, don't want to leave him out.

On with the post...

This week was kinda hard, I'm not gonna lie. I knew it was going to be hard though. I love to spend money, mostly on small things because we don't have a lot of extra money to spend on random stuff these days. And I did cheat......a little. Hey, I never said I was perfect. :) 

So, I was able to refrain from buying a bunch of random crap (what I usually do) and stick to the budget for the most part. Notice I said for the most part. I did buy 2 small things that were not necessarily needs, one being a set of pens from Office Max that are my very favorite pens ever; but let me justify with the fact that all my others had run out of ink, therefore I was in need, and I was already given permission to get them before I decided not to spend any money for a week. So there. The other thing was I bought a bottle of witch hazel to put in my almond oatmeal facewash to help with my breakouts. So, I guess $10 isn't all that much extra, although I am a little disappointed that I failed in my mission of not spending anything outside of wants. I won't harp on it too much, but I will be more aware of spending in the future.

Laundry - Still using the laundry detergent and LOVING it.
Hair - I started doing a baking soda wash every 3 days and I like it more than the Castile Soap/coconut milk mixture. We'll see how it goes, which will determine if I continue to do it or not.
Skin - still doing the almond oatmeal homemade wash in the morning and the honey wash at night. Love it!!

Challenge for next week:
Using 2 new recipes this week. They're on my menu plan that I posted the other day, but sometimes things don't turn out the way you plan them, so, this is me holding myself accountable. Going for PW's Caveman Pops and a new salmon pasta dish. I'll let you know how they turn out! 
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