Thursday, March 15, 2012

Clothes and Spring!

It's that time of year again. The time where seasonal wardrobes must be evaluated and either put up or taken out, depending on the season. And just like every year, its the time where the weather can't make up its mind. It's warm enough to wear short sleeves, but some days are too cool to wear shorts, some days are too warm to wear jeans. The drawers are overflowing and the laundry seems never ending.

I don't mean to complain, I am so grateful that my kids have clothes. But sometimes it gets really overwhelming. I feel like I don't have enough storage space or a good switch-out system. I do feel like I'm making progress since I bought a few new bins to store my boys' clothes. What about you other mamas out there? Do you have a good switch-out/storage system for your kiddos clothes? I am willing to take any suggestions here. I need help!

Anyway, on another note, I didn't do a menu post this week because our weekend is going to be an unconventional one, since we'll be with family all weekend. I'm running my second ever half marathon on Sunday, and I'm a little nervous about it. So, because of that, I'm only cooking two nights in the next week.  We'll be back on with a regular menu post for next week, though.

And I have some future plans for a few crafty projects, so I will definitely be blogging about those if I can get them done. There's something about this warm weather that brings out the craftiness in me. I've also been feeling oddly motivated to clean my laundry room since I bought those new bins. Yippee, here's to Spring!!
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  1. I have a system to switching out clothes that might help you with your boys. My girls are so close together, that I found taking things off of hangers and putting everything in bins took forever when they were only actually put away for one season before I pulled them out for the next one to wear. So, I bought a few bins, some of those little closet dividers from etsy (the round thing that goes over the wire rack with the size on it) and some of the "as seen on tv hangers that you put like five hangers on and then they cascade down, saving lots of closet space. What is folded and needs to be moved from their rooms, goes into the bin (labeled with the size) which goes in the top of our guest room closet (or could go in the attic... I just didn't want to tromp through the attic so often. Then I took the cascading hanger thingys and hung them up in their closets, moving all their outgrown/out of season stuff to these hangers and then moved all of them into the guest room closet. I love this system because it cuts down a step (moving to the bins) when you move the clothes and two steps when you get them back out (unpacking from bins isn't necessary AND I don't even wash them again since they've been hanging in the closet).
    It works for us... my first two girls often wear the same size now, so that's getting tricky for us... and my third child is out of season from the older two, but this gives me a good look at their choices... I also do the same thing for shoes... they are all put in a mesh shoe hanger that goes on the guest room closet door with sizes labeled.
    When my third girl outgrows something or it is out of season, I go ahead an pack it in a bin since there isn't anyone (currently) growing into her clothes. I'm hoping this system will work well when we are done having children and we want to donate to someone in need or consign some of their clothes. I'll try to take some pictures of the system. It's actually in need of a spruce up... the closet has gotten crammed with stuff... I'll try to do a blog post on it soon.

  2. I did do a blog post on it today.


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